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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Birthday to Viv!!

Actually, a belated Happy Birthday - it was Viv's birthday yesterday, but I was too busy drinking champagne and tea, and eating cake to worry about blogging!  I arrived just in time to see the results of what had obviously been a wonderful two day workshop run by Frances Pickering, entitled A Few of My Favourite Things - there were some really beautiful books and it seemed as if everyone had been really productive.  Sorry there's no photos, I didn't have my camera with me.

However, I did have my camera last week, when I took part in a two day workshop with Lynda Monk called Scrim, Screens and Scrappy Bits.  We all had a brilliant time, printing through thermofax screens on scrim and Lutrador and pelmet vilene, bonding various layers together and even managing to fit in a bit of stitch, before painting the resulting gorgeously textured surfaces.  As you can see, everyone was far too busy to turn to turn and pose for photos
Here are some of Lynda's fabulous examples and inspiration ..

We did have to stop work briefly during the afternoon of the second day - to listen to Viv who was being interviewed on Three Counties radio, together with one of the artists currently exhibiting in the gallery as 
17@art van go
The interviewer asked a little about the exhibition and the gallery, but seemed more interested in asking what was the definition of 'art'.  Probably worthy of more discussion than a five minute interview would allow, but Viv did her best, and sounded like a radio professional.  
In fact, as Kevin pointed out more than once -  "Viv has the perfect face for radio!"

And finally, talking of perfect faces, Pam only agree to pose with one of Lynda's display pieces, on the proviso that I didn't put it on the blog, and if I did, I couldn't show her face.  But this is such a lovely smiley face, I couldn't just chop it off.  Anyway, she's my friend, and she knows I can't be trusted!
Lynda Monk will be back at Art Van Go as an "Artist in Residence" on Tuesday 8th May and Thursday 21st June between 1030 and 3pm, where you can come along and watch her working and pick up some tips.  There is no charge for these sessions, and booking is not necessary.
I'm hoping to have finished some of my pieces in time to take them along, just to prove to Lynda that I DO occasionally finish something.


crafty pam said...

My beaming smile is just to prove
what a really enjoyable 2 days
was had by all especially me. Thanks Lynda and
Gill - I'll forgive you THIS time.

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