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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christine Benson's Workshop

I thought you might like to hear about a recent two day workshop called 'Elizabethan Elements' run by one of our regular and popular tutors, Christine Benson. The following account comes from one of our most regular workshop attendees, Pam Oliver, who also supplied the photos.
What a wonderful time was had by the lucky people who attended the Christine Benson class on 11th and 12th November.
Christine's work is always beautiful, and uses silk in all of it's forms - this time she produced amazing work based around the theme of the Elizabethan times.
Under Christine's guidance, we were able to learn how to begin to do this ourselves, using the Embellisher, (a machine for needle felting), silk fibres, beads, water soluble fabric and more.
The class was a dream and everyone was so excited with their results. I urge you to look out for future Art Van Go workshops with Christine Benson - you will not be disappointed, but be aware - the class fills up quickly! P. Oliver
Thanks Pam, for the words and the pictures - it certainly seemed that everyone on the workshop had a good time.- and we look forward to contributions from other workshops attendees in the future!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

First of all - BIG apologies that there hasn't been an update on here for a while. It's been so busy with the Knitting and Stitching shows - Dublin and Harrogate.
This is only the second time that AVG have been to Dublin, they went to the very first Dublin show over ten years ago but haven't been back since. Viv and Kevin packed up the van and set off at some ridiculous hour on Monday 27th October, to catch the ferry from Holyhead at 2am, bound for Dublin. (No, none of US know how Viv managed it either!)
They arrived and after finding their accommodation, unloaded the van on the Tuesday afternoon, then went to the pub with Ruth and Chas (Ruth Issett took her exhibition to Dublin) where they had a very traditional Irish meal and several pints of Guinness.
They set up on the Wednesday in the bitter cold - you may remember we had snow over here then - and in fact Ann had to battle with Arctic conditions to get in to open the shop! Meanwhile, back in Dublin, having finished the show set up, it was off to a very up-market Burger restaurant for proper handmade burgers and lots of wine - can you see a pattern forming here?
There were a few teething problems the first day - mainly around having to contend with exchange rates and Euros, but nothing insurmountable, and the lovely part was the really warm welcome that Art Van Go received. So many people came up and said "We're so pleased you've come" that Viv and Kev felt really appreciated and they were begged to "come back next year"
Generally the show was smaller than the other K&S shows, with fewer traders, but everyone was really friendly, and were so pleased to be able to get supplies that they normally find difficult to source.
Another bonus at this time of year was the real 'Mardi Gras' spirit around in Dublin - they really go to town with Halloween. So obviously, that means more Guinness and even more wine.
If we can work things out with the organisers, we really want to go back to Dublin - and we have some big ideas for next year!
Viv and Kevin want to say a really big "Thank You" to all the people they met, who made them feel so welcome, and they say it feels like they have made a whole bunch of new friends.
I was going to put photos of the show on here, but as Viv is still in Harrogate at the moment and hasn't been able to supply any - I am afraid I am just going to have to leave you with the only one I have available. Says it all, really.