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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bobby Britnell Summer School - brilliant!

I've just had a fabulous four days at Summer school entitled "Locating and Abstracting" run by Bobby Britnell. (I recommend you check out her website!) 
Bobby's workshops are always very popular, but I was lucky and managed to book while there was still a space.
The programme said we would be introduced to processes and techniques in mixed media using paper, fabric and stitch, leading us into unknown territories and producing individual textile work or a series of smaller pieces - intriguing!
On Day One, we started working in tone, with shading and line, which was a relaxing and absorbing way to 'limber up' for the workshop.  We progressed to finding ways of making expressive marks using graphite and charcoal, before experimenting to make a full composition using some of the elements we had learnt during the day.
On Day Two we started with some drawing - always a bit worrying, but it was nothing too daunting - just 'little drawings' from some of the interesting source material Bobby provided. (We could have gone outside in the garden, but to be honest it was a bit too cold and wet!)
We then moved on to print making - making our own print blocks from our drawings and printed onto paper and fabric
On Day Three we did some artist research - Bobby had brought piles of really inspirational art books for us to look through, in order to progress our work.  Later we did an exercise in three dimensional drawing which was great - I think we all learned loads from that.
Finally on Day Four, we worked towards a final resolved piece of work, or series of pieces.  Here are photographs of just some of the work that we produced during the course of the four days.

 - and of course we all went away with sketchbooks stuffed full of ideas and inspiration.
Thanks Bobby - it was a wonderful inspirational four days - and I, for one, will be back!

Kev was noticeable by his absence - he had taken the van to Windsor for the East Berkshire College Diploma show.  It is sadly, to be the very last Windsor show - definitely the end of an era. 
And of course, as he was swanning around in Berkshire, enjoying himself - Viv was having to work EVEN harder than usual!

So if all this talk of workshops has whetted your appetite - coming up soon - on Friday, in fact - is Goldwork Embroidery for Accessories run by AVG's very own Lucy Reed.  Learn stunning goldwork techniques, to work on a design to adorn a special bag,  from a kit supplied by Lucy herself.

Then the following week two tutors will be showing different approaches to the subject of 'sketchbooks'
In 'Sketchbooks for Embroiderers', Marian Murphy who will be showing how to start a sketchbook in an easy and fun way to record ideas and making some stitched samples.
The following day, Vanda Campbell, will be showing how to make 'Scrummy Sketchbooks' using mixed media, quick pencil sketches, collages and montages.  Make yourself a sketchbook to be proud of! (or, a sketchbook of which to be proud - if you're pedantic!)