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Friday, 18 September 2009

Open Studios - Private View

This is a very late reminder of the Private View which is on tonight, Friday 18th September at The Studios from 7pm. I would have mentioned it earlier, but I called into the shop by chance this morning and only found out about it then. It is in the workshop programme, so hopefully you hadn't forgotten about it, and are all getting ready to make your way to Art Van Go as we speak.
There is work from five artists -
Kim Major-George, with atmospheric art using collagraph printing, hand finished using oils, foils and metallic threads .....
Jill Winch, a botanical artist diploma at Chelsea Physic Garden, Member of SSP, Exhibited at SBA London, Local Art societies and ArtVanGo .....

Sara Button, detailed textile work incorporating mixed techniques and media. Complex textures, machine embroidery and angelina feature heavily in the intricate pieces.

Denise Allen, who says she is exploring media and subject, enjoying the journey, always loving the sea and play of light on waters surface ....
and last but not least, Aileen Lawrence, who paints flowers and landscapes in a loose, exuberant and vibrant way using watercolour, mixed media and pastels ....

Really sorry about the standard of the dodgy looking photos - they were done in a bit of a rush this morning, but you get the general idea.

AND, as an added bonus, as well as all that wonderful artwork to look at, there will be free booze, there will definitely be cake, and there will be men. I was going to say naked men, but Kevin says that's only if more than 250 of you turn up.

Incidentally, while I was there this morning, I enquired about the catalogue. Now, I know you're going to say you've heard it all before, but ......... it's nearly ready. Viv and Jen are just putting the finishing touches to it, the designers are working on the completed sections, and the printers are lined up ready to go. It will definitely (and I've been told I can say this) be ready in time for Knit and Stitch at Allly Pally. It'll obviously take a while to send out to all the people who have sent in stamps, so bear with us. As soon as I know that they have all been despatched I'll let you know.
And, talking of the K&S - two other 'new releases' will also be launched at the show.
Ruth Issett's new book on Markal, called "PAINTSTIKS". And no, that's not a spelling error by Ruth, it's what Markals are called in the States. Those Americans sure are wacky when it comes to spelling, aren't they.
The second book to be launched at Ally Pally is Frances Pickering's long awaited book "PAGE AFTER PAGE".
I can't wait, and I'm just glad I've recently had new bookshelves at home and have a little bit of spare space now.
Finally, for those of you who can't get along tonight the exhibition will be open this weekend, when you can take part in an event to produce "The World's Longest Painting" (maybe it's Knebworth's answer to the Bayeux Tapestry - a pictorial story of the production of the catalogue?) Anyway, come along and join in and add your own kind of art to it - outside if weather permits, and in the Studio if not.
The exhibition then runs from Tues 22nd until Sunday 27th.