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Saturday, 5 October 2013


Just a reminder to everyone that we will, of course, be at the forthcoming Knitting and Stitching shows at Ally Pally, Dublin and Harrogate, so if there's anything specific that you'd like us to bring, just give us a call in the shop a few days before and we can put it aside for you at the show.   
Incidentally, have you ever wondered what the gallery looks like when we are preparing for the Knitting and Stitching Shows.  Well, even if you haven't I'm going to show you.
Mmm, not quite looking at it's best.  Unlike Viv, who always looks lovely, even when she's got her "where the-****-do-I-start" face on.
Kevin wasn't looking his best either as he's just getting over a bit of a cold serious case of man flu, so I've just included his elbow.  
He's very busy though, I'd hate you to think he was slacking even though he is very poorly.
Anyway, rest assurred that all of the  AVG crew are frantically getting ready for the first round of the Knitting and Stitching Shows,  at Alexandra Palace from Thurs 10th - Sun 13th October
For more info on this Show CLICK HERE

After that, at the end of the month, it's off to Dublin for K&S at RDS Dublin from Thurs 31st Oct to Sun 3rd November
For more info on this, CLICK HERE

And finally, at the end of November it's off to Yorkshire for K&S at Harrogate from Thurs 21st to Sun 24th November.
For more info for the Harrogate show, CLICK HERE

If you've been to the Knitting and Stitching Shows in either Dublin or Harrogate in the past few years you will probably already have come across the Artists in Action feature.  And for those who haven't, here's an explanation of what it's about.
Artists in Action

First introduced to the Knitting & Stitching Show at the NEC in 2008, the Artists in Action Studio has become a regular feature of the Dublin and Harrogate shows.   The concept is to show practicing artists at work, as though in their own studio, so visitors can catch a glimpse of the artists’ journey from initial idea through to resolved body of work. 

Each artist will have their own area within The Studio – three in Dublin and six in Harrogate – with white wall space to display ‘work in progress’ as well as finished pieces.   They may be in residence for the duration of the show, or they may use a space for just one or two days, but the timetable will reflect an exciting range of creative disciplines such as fabric painting, dyeing, printing, papermaking, fabric construction, mixed-media and stitch.  

The artists - some of whom you will know as established tutors or exhibiting artists, some as new-comers to the show - will be examining options, exploring ideas and working through processes.   Inspiration could come from previously worked themes, from their own sketchbooks and source material, or even from other artists in the Studio and the materials provided.   Programme in several visits to the Artists in Action Studio during your day and you will be able to observe the developments, as well as learning about methods, materials and techniques.   By displaying their personal working methods the artists hope to encourage a better understanding of the artistic flow, including those inevitable (but vitally important) rejected ideas, as the creative journey follows its twists and turns.

Artists involved in Dublin include:
Caroline Schofield
Jacki Sleator
Eithne Carey
Maeve Coulter
Students from the National College of Art & Design

Artists involved in Harrogate include:
Kim Major-George
Jonathan Korejko
Pauline Verrinder
Amanda Hislop
Alice Fox
Lynda Monk
Jo Lovelock

Hilary Beattie

So, hope to see lots of you at the Shows - but if you can't get there and are local to the Studio, do call in to see the current exhibition of largely botanical work by SHULI HAN running until Sat 26th October.
Shuli Han, from Shanghai, China has been living in Knebworth for about six years.  She is a member of the Herts Visual Forum and trained in China as an architect, but her first love3 has always been painting.  She will be in residence in the Gallery on Saturday 12th October.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

What is a collective noun for artists?*

If you are a regular reader of the Art Van Go newsletters, you'll be aware that there was a "Gathering" in the gallery for the past couple of days.  No, it's not a secret rendezvous of an obscure cult, or a religious meeting - it's what Kevin decided to call a group of artists, all working away in the Studio, demonstrating their techniques and chatting to visitors. 
Although the Studio has an artist "In Residence" from time to time,  this is the first time that there has been a entire palette of them.  

Sharon Osbourne (and Viv, obviously)
Sharon doesn't have a website, and I intended to show some photos of her work, but because of  the studio lighting  my appalling photographic abilities, I'm afraid they were worse than useless - sorry Sharon.

Clare Bullock
who doesn't have a website either, but is wearing one of her outrageous felted bags and here's a close up of one of her felt pieces

It was a really great event, with lots of positive comments from all of the visitors, and the artists themselves all enjoyed it, so I'm sure it won't be long before there's something similar arranged.  If you weren't lucky enough to get along this time, I recommend you try to come along to any future events.

Incidentally, usually on a Friday, a few of us, including Gina, meet up to drink coffee, chat and knit, so this week as Gina was otherwise engaged, we turned up to heckle her instead, and to wish her 'good luck' for the competition she entered today.
Textile art is only one of her many talents - have a read of her blog here  for her other massive achievement today.  
Congratulations Gina, and more importantly, when do we get to taste it?

*  ANSWER: Some collective nouns that have been used for artists are a family of artists, a colony of artists, an enclave of artists, or a collective of artists.

Friday, 8 February 2013

New Workshop Programme

We've had umpteen calls asking for the new workshop programme, and apologies for keeping you waiting, but here it is!   Bookings are now being taken and some will, of course, fill up quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment.
   Click here to see the Programme.
Everyone at art van go is poised, pens at the ready, to take your bookings, so give them a call.

Actually, not quite everyone.  Viv and Kevin are off on their way to Wales for the Quiltfest at Llangollen.  
They will be at the show on Sunday, for Traders Day.  
Click here to get all the details about Quiltfest.

And if Wales is a step too far for you, how about Textile in Focus next week?  It's a brilliant show and art van go will be there for the whole three days to supply your every textile arty needs. 

For more information about Textiles in Focus - Click Here