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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Gina Ferrari Workshop

A few weeks ago, my friend Lynn, as mentioned in previous post, and I attended a lovely machine embroidery workshop entitled  'Stitches and Doodles' with tutor Gina Ferrari a few weeks ago.
(See more of Gina's work on her blog HERE)
(I did mean to post pictures of it straight away, but you know how it is.....)

Gina showed us examples of the things we could achieve with the machine 'doodling' technique she was showing us.  The notebooks would make fab gifts for arty friends -
Whilst for the more romantic amongst you -
and then for the Domestic Goddesses -
Or canvases to adorn your walls -

The students were wide ranging in Machine Embroidery experience - my friend Lynn, as a couple of others, had done little or no machine embroidery, and there were others who had done loads - but trust me, you always learn something new from Gina.  
Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of Gina demonstating Machine Embroidery - she must have been unusually camera shy, so I'll have to use this recent off-duty photo of her -
(Gina's the one on the left)
I did, however,  remember to take some photos of the samples and 'work-in-progress' that the students produced -
A record of the day -

Lynn took to machine embroidery like a duck to water (I nearly typed 'horse to water' but I think I was mixing my metaphors)
 - this is all her own work ....
and in fact, when I next saw her at AVG she showed the book cover completed
See what you can achieve at a Gina Ferrari workshop!  

Gina will be back at AVG on Tuesday 9th September, teaching another Machine Embroidery workshop using collaged fabrics.  If you look at her blog you'll see some brilliant bags that she has made with this techniques.  Make a note of this one - it's an addition to the Workshop Programme!

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